Let's Dive Deeper




Digital Business Systems was founded in 1996 to help small businesses in the greater Toronto area. Over the years we’ve expanded and are now nation wide!

In many companies, the president is inaccessible to customers and impersonal. At Digital Business Systems, Dan Thomas prides himself on being available to everyone.

Hear from some of our customers to find out what they really think about us! We excel at customer service and take pride in our partnerships with our customers.

Community Involvement



Community involvement is really important to Digital Business Systems because we consider our customers to also be our family and our friends.

When you join our team, you get more than just a job. We train you not only to be a great salesperson or technician, but we give you life skills that will help you grow as a person. We support you every step of the way!

We can help your company reach their sustainability goals through energy consumption, waste management, economics, etc. Whatever your goals are, we have a solution for you.