Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services from Digital Business Systems provides the tools and resources you need to maintain control over your entire print fleet including printers, copiers and MFPs from multiple manufacturers.

The Many Advantages of Managed Print Services
You can rest easy knowing that your print fleet is in good hands with customized, scalable solutions which can grow along with your business according to your needs and budget.

Advantages include:

  • Cost savings: Save money on print consumables, repairs, and cost-per-page.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: By consolidating your print devices, upgrading to more energy efficient options, and implementing environmentally friendly print rules, you can significantly reduce energy usage.
  • Accurate projections: Knowing your print and management costs up front helps to accurately forecast and control your annual budget.
  • Waste reduction: Centralized, controlled ordering and inventory of consumables helps reduce waste.
  • Cutting-edge technology: Keep all your print devices up to date with regular updates and maintenance as part of our management service.
  • Set your IT department free: Redirect valuable IT resources to much needed areas rather than relying on them to troubleshoot and repair minor print issues.

Commonly Asked Questions About Managed Print Services (MPS)

Are Managed Print Services adaptable?

Whether you’re looking for a Managed Print solution for a department or your entire organization, Digital Business Systems will custom design a plan to support your unique needs, supporting all makes and models of print equipment.

How can MPS improve my print environment?

Fixed cost-per-page pricing. Thanks to the consolidation of print expenses, each page costs the same amount to print. In an unmanaged print environment, costs can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer or vendor, making it nearly impossible to budget or determine your cost-per-page.

Streamlined solutions.  Managed Print Services eliminates the need to keep an inventory of supplies on hand with automatic next-day delivery whenever you require more from a single, dedicated supplier.

Simplified invoicing. Receive monthly itemized, detailed invoicing outlining your costs for the number and type of prints made across your print fleet. This type of transparent invoicing allows you to more accurately predict your print budget, while helping to identify areas of inefficiency.

What type of support can I expect with MPS?

Customized support. Digital Business Systems can help you save on every aspect of your print environment, including device acquisition, ongoing print costs, high-volume, or high-coverage printing environments and more.

Efficient service. Continuous monitoring alerts our team to any potential issues, helping us to resolve them quickly and efficiently. Ongoing maintenance and technical support keep you protected around the clock.

Managed Print Services